Others terms to have like was basically not suitable

Leon Morris really does a comprehensive examination of the different Hebrew and Greek terms that we translate during the English once the like within his publication, Testaments from Love

15 Once they’d done breakfast, Jesus ^considered Simon Peter, “Simon, [son] of John, might you like Me personally more than this type of?” The guy ^considered Him, “Sure, Lord; You know that i like You.” He ^believed to him, “Are likely My lambs.” 16 The guy ^said to your once again an extra go out, “Simon, [son] off John, do you really love Me?” The guy ^thought to Your, “Yes, Lord; You are sure that that i love You.” The guy ^believed to him, “Shepherd My sheep.” 17 The guy ^considered your the third go out, “Simon, [son] out-of John, do you like Me personally?” Peter was grieved while the The guy believed to him the next day, “Would you like Me?” In which he considered Him, “Lord, You know everything; You are sure that which i love Your. “God ^considered him, “Tend My personal sheep.

This is among those passages where the English translation does not draw out the fresh new effect that is throughout the Greek since two other Greek terminology, ajgapavw /agapa and you may filevw /phileo, on the text message are usually translated because exact same English phrase, “like.” The brand new NASB footnotes that it, as well as the translations from the Weymouth, Darby and you will Young create make a change, but even they don’t really generate a positive change among them Greek terms and conditions which happen to be one another interpreted due to the fact “know” ( oi]da /oida and ginowvskw /ginosk ).

For the each of these inquiries, God address contact information Peter given that “Simon.” Specific keeps suggested you to definitely God used this type of term having him so you can telephone call attention to his backsliding to the their old traditions. Maybe that will be real, getting God got merely trapped Simon angling for seafood as opposed to people. Although not, Goodness constantly addressed your while the “Simon” (Matthew ; ; Draw ; Luke 7:40; ; John step one:42; ,16,17) instead of Peter (Luke ; John step 1:42), therefore simply the use of the term, “Simon,” is not definitive to bring you to definitely end.

But not, Jesus’ first question do challenge Peter’s respect. Back on the night of the final Supper, Peter got boasted just how he had been more committed to Jesus than simply all of the others, to possess he’d perhaps not slide aside no matter if the others performed (Matthew ). Jesus’ question create establish that was inside the heart. “Simon, son away from John, would you love Me personally more these?” The word “love” listed here is ajgapavw /agapa . The noun sort of the expression try ajgavph /agape. That is a quite interesting and also extremely important term class.

Within his point making reference to ajgavph /agape he cautiously notes that the noun sorts of the phrase is extremely rare when you look at the Greek creating ahead of the New-testament, but that it is put a little commonly about New-testament. The guy believes the reason is that this new upcoming out-of Jesus and you may His lose regarding Himself to your get across into our behalf produced a new concept out of like and that particular keyword was then used to express you to definitely build.

stovrgh / storge is the word to have natural love. New love that happens in this a family group and you www.datingranking.net/yubo-review will binds him or her with her inside an organic classification.

Simple fact is that love of boy getting his fellow-man and you can a lady for her family relations

filevw /phileo and filiva /Philia reference love that offers away from nearest and dearest or absolute group. This is the passion for relationship.

ejpiqumiva / Epithymia identifies solid attention otherwise interests. It can be made use of seriously, because whenever Jesus got an effective want to consume this new Passover together with his disciples, otherwise it may be used adversely in the same way off crave otherwise coveting.

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